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Daffodilly Design is an interior design firm that specializes in design and styling for home, commercial, garden and events. We couple a systematic approach with our love for people to reflect personality within a space to create memorable, functional environments. Attention to visual, textural and high design details that incorporate the unique needs of the client is our differentiation edge in offering the best in space design.The goal is to create spaces that flow consistently from the outside to the inside, offering a spirit of memorable comfort and hospitality. From colors to styles to space flow to furniture and fixtures, fabric, art and accessories, we would be honored for you to consider an opportunity to work together on your project!


Products and Services
Our simple strategy is this…Discuss, Plan, Design, Execute

Interior Design
From color choice to full construction, we are able to collaborate as a team to offer the best solutions and plans for your project.  Our team consists of cabinet makers, painters, and contracting needs.  We assess the project and put the right talent on the task. Project Management is an option when working with a builder.
We offer the following:

  • ​​​​color selection
  • linens, bedding to bath to tabletop
  • custom draperies
  • lighting
  • rugs
  • amazing art, including photography and paintings by local artists and architectural finds

Garden Design
We work with landscape architects, landscape installation and maintenance companies and contractors to create the property to perfectly enhance your home.  Our endless resources in outdoor kitchens and furniture allow for consistency in type from the outside to the inside. ​With our background and extensive study in plantings and outdoor artifacts, we can help you make an exterior investment that will last.

Event and Holiday Styling
Our event team comes alive when you need to impress your guests!  We offer logistical planning and rentals, floral designs and special touches to make any event or home festive for the occasion at hand. We have built a unique part of our business in styling garden parties and Christmas celebrations.

Design Fees
Our initial consultation is more of a conversation, offering scope of project, timeline and budget details.  There is no fee for this time. Following the initial consultation, compensation is based on actual time we consult a project or specific service. Scopes of services will vary with each project. We may bill at an hourly rate; however, the project may be so comprehensive that a plan may be executed for the design process and the fee would be estimated at the onset. This is determined as we begin the process and is specified in our agreement.
We offer unique processes depending on your project, from architectural design, space planning, and construction to furniture, fabrics and design. We want to be one of the most important assets in your project. As the elements come together and align with your budget, we will save you from making unforeseen errors and the process will be a joy!